Impactful Women

Ella Rachelle powerful message about the world featuring her story.

Ella is currently a student double majoring in Music Therapy & Psychology.

Her thoughts on the world?

“I’m disgusted with the state of the world. Our justice system is wrong & based on. Authorities using their power & corruption to avoid solutions in order to “make a quick buck” or “protect their reputation” or whatever their pathetic excuse is makes me lose faith in the future. & this is just based off my view of the world in Minnesota. When I think about the entire world it just makes me want to sob. It feels like there’s no good left. There’s just so much that makes me feel like there is no hope left. 
However, I’m determined to try & find something positive about the world. If there is a silver lining it would have to be that tragedy can bring people together. Whether through protest, social media, or just extending a thought of care.”

Ella’s People Globally Story


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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