Impactful Women

Kaitlyn Birr inspires people with her words and tells her thoughts on the world.

Personally speaking Kaitlyn is truly one of the most inspiring women I have met and had the chance to talk to, she does her upmost to share the worlds story and inspire people to do better and be better, she is also a very beautiful and kind heart woman with a down to earth personality.

Here are Kaitlyn’s thoughts on the world.

Well I think in today’s age, everyone is obsessed with being “the in group” nobody actually wants to be themselves anymore out of the fear of judgement, the fear of not being liked, I think everything now is run by fear. That’s why we have so many monsters in the world, they are just scared. Society creates monsters and is creating the toxic environment that the world is today.

Kaitlyn’s People Globally Story


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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