Thoughts on the world

Nick G. fills us on his thoughts of the world.

Nick G

When I think of the world today, I see a lot of ignorant minds who need to stop the racism and I see way too many black people being killed every day by completely unnecessary gun violence. especially from the police. They are there to protect us, not kill us. I see way to much racism against Asians, people from India, Pakistan,  Muslims etc… we need to work together as a race of humans and accept everyone as equals. it’s going to be hard, especially with so many trump worshipers still in power,  but I know we can do it. Everyone does their part. You do your interviews, I make positive music, if everyone has a positive message we can stomp out bigotry and racism.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

One reply on “Nick G. fills us on his thoughts of the world.”

We highly admire the golden words Nick has spoken for all the humanity. We need more like you Nick but thwy dont make more like you up there anymore!


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