Thoughts on the world

How the world is falling apart by Chloe Cantillon

The world today is falling apart in my opinion, racism is at its worst discrimination is up there with it! There is so many horrible heart breaking stories everywhere these day from shooting in America to people of the traveling community been thrown out of bars cause they are “travelers”, everyone and everything has a label these day when it shouldn’t be this way at the end of the day we all breathe in the same air and will all go into the same size whole when it’s our time to leave this earth, so why just why is the world so nasty? Why is everything labeled differently? We will just never know! The only good thing that has come of today is that woman have been given the pleasure of getting free sanitary towels in Ireland! That’s another thing woman have be so frowned against and treated differently to men why does the government feel the need to making to money off a woman reproductive system when it’s all Mother Nature! This world makes me sad is so many ways!🥺


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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