Thoughts on the world

Brian: We need to keep pushing for change until we all can live equal no matter who we are.

I think majority of people are good at heart. We are in a time where hatred is extremely more powerful than peace. We’ve been at war as human beings for as long as we can remember and yet somehow in 2021 we are still fighting each other. Whether it be over land, religion, race, anything you can think of, we have fought and taken many lives because of it.

I feel there is a lack of education and awareness to what is going on around us such as racism, inequality, and social injustices. Even other problems like pollution and endangered species are not spoken about as much as they should be. We push all this news to the side to focus on (in my opinion) less important problems such as athletes and celebrities.

We will shine light on a problem for a certain amount of time and almost forget about it. Recently people have been more vocal, and haven’t slowed down, about the George Floyd situation. Which is what we need especially for black lives and any minorities in America.

We need to keep going though. We need to keep pushing for change until we all can live equal no matter who we are. Man, woman, black, white, and whatever else someone may identify as.

In my honest opinion human beings are the biggest problem in the world right now.

Also money and power are the root of all evil but that is a whole different problem.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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