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Danniella: there will be a lot more single individuals and people who build a life for themselves as opposed to a family/partner.

I went into the first lockdown in a 5-year relationship, and it ended because the stress of everything turned him to drugs and alcohol, and it wrecked us. In October time I met someone else who totally lead my on to think he was going to be a partner and I had known him for years… anyway it turns out he couldn’t make his mind up about me which was a real shame because he ‘didn’t know what he wanted from life’ I think social media is the biggest problem why people are not happy in relationships because they always think there’s someone else out there better. Too many people to choose from. Too many options/ ways to speak and communicate with other people. So sad, but I honestly feel this generation is totally screwed in terms of relationships etc, there will be a lot more single individuals and people who build a life for themselves as opposed to a family/partner. I’m 26 years old and absolutely do not see my life moving on in that direction anytime soon because even if someone was to fall into my life I don’t think I could trust them due to the way I’ve been treated by men and lead to believe things then dropped within an instant 🙄🙄 In terms of crime My dad is an ex functioning heroin addict and is currently in jail because of getting caught up with the wrong crowd. He is on supplements to get him off drugs, he is going well but was in prison remanded for a whole year due to COVID-19 because all court cases were so delayed. There is not enough support for criminals when they come out of jail, he has been in and out all of his life, but there’s no support system to follow up how he is getting on in terms of career, or putting him on the right path.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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