Thoughts on the world

Felix Garwandoe: Everyone is trying to “come together” but then create different factions with in the groups of people theyre trying to come together with.

I feel like people have lost the meaning of the word community and everyone is just becoming ever colder to their fellow man. Everyone is trying to “come together” but then create different factions with in the groups of people theyre trying to come together with. Example being the BLM movement, and then the BTLM movement black trans lives matter. It makes sense but youre also isolating yourself again. Crime is crime and the labels of black on black and so on a re bullshit theres no such thing crime is the act no matter the race or creed of the offender. Its all just a farse. Relationships have become an onject rather than an adventure into love like they used to be. If its not goals then for some reason it doesnt work. People are trying to base their lives off of these people of fiction they find online and destroying their own minds with how life should be instead of enjoying it. Which is why its so hard to find real people anymore and why everyone feels so damn alone. Theres an abundance of information, sorry an overload actually that is desensitising everyone from anything that goes on around them. And all of the successful fear mongering the government has done will soon break more people down. Covid and lockdowns good god. I am only now just mentally recovering but there were times i wanted the easy out because i was tired of the world. But it really showed me who cared and who was really a friend and who was just an associate. The lockdowns were super un necessary in the uk and now they’re stepping on their own toes every damn day with the shit they spew out in the news. And I’m betting they will never be honest about the number of suicides the lockdown caused. It killed people. It was bound to. And im not talking about covid. Which was just a hefty flu. Untill people understand how to connect again i feel we will forever be moving away from the solutions we seek. Even i’ve become cold over time but ill never forget how to love or how to make people smile. Known or unknown. The more people that i can meet around the globe on my travels and interact with the better, because i know my energy lingers and for a brief moment people remember how life used to be. Learning new people. Understanding different views. And just enjoying life. People need to let go of their fear and look out the window. The world isn’t as big as they think and until they take that step they’ll forever live in the orisons they unknowingly create for themselves.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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