Thoughts on the world

Kenzie: Everyone should get the respect they deserve

with covid is good now because it has passed here in my country, for the crime I do not know how they have the heart to kill someone intentionally but they are sentenced to prison but for black people I’ve seen so many videos like its not good broo i feel bad for the kids cuz they have future after and They should not kill for no reason and they need to know that we are the same and everyone should get the respect they deserve , blm🖤
and for today’s relationships it is really very bad because to deceive them into promising to be there for you always but they lie, and the boys have no feelings. and girls use them for body, as for me to have sex, because I was in a relationship he promised me many things and one day he left me without reason but I hold out hope because I know I have never done wrong, I am not a bad person, in this situation the thoughts for me are simply to kill myself because we have all gone through many things, but I wish y’all good health and happiness in life.🥺


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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