Thoughts on the world

Angelina Vigilone: People either realized they weren’t good for each other or have come to compromises.

Alright well my general thought on the world today is that it has poked so many holes in the America the Free thing. During covid, people were out of work, out of ability to get the things they needed, going through the most intense thing any of the past few generations of human beings have gone through mentally, but had to go without mental help and simple rest. Simultaneously, rich people, the government, multimillion dollar corporation owners profited off of the death of poor American citizens, profited off of the worst thing that has happened not only to our nation but the world. And now, even though the pandemic is still happening, governments and health officials decide to ignore the situation because they want the profits that they were getting prior. During this pandemic so many poor people have realized that we truly are just a number, and a piece to help Jeff Bezos go in to space for 12 minutes while we lost over 4 million people to covid, and who knows how many because of suicide during the pandemic. And i think the lower class have a consciousness that has become heightened. More and more people stand hand in hand willing to strike to be given what their worth, more people understand that our system doesn’t have to be the way it is and its only the way it is because of greed. I think this pandemic has brought a lot of people together in wanting to fight for their rights as a human being, and not some pawn in the who can get the richest chess game Along with that, I genuinely don’t know much about crime rates, but what i do know is that police officers continued to kill POC in the streets as we all went out, pandemic safe, with masks as distanced as possible, to plead/demand that something be done. When your country is screaming why won’t anyone hear it? I think crime would be less of a problem if we took a fucking fraction of the military budget, the local police budgets, and put them back into the communities. Put it into mental health programs, rehabilitation, fresh food for communities. Put love instead of fear into the people and see what the people do. But instead, the worst criminals are the ones in charge of everyone else. While they focus on petty things and get away with murder, serious criminals are put on the back burner. I think that people are also breaking out of the mold of traditional monogamy because they have realized that life is too short to settle and to only hoard love for a single person. Everyone has the right to explore and learn about themselves as they please as long as their partner is loving and willing, and i think relationships have become a beautiful thing. People either realized they weren’t good for each other or have come to compromises about learning more about themselves before giving all of themselves to their partner and i think thats lovely


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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