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Amber Smith: You can’t have a real, healthy relationship without trust and active communication.

I think that the amount of deaths worldwide due to COVID is tragic. I’ve always wanted to save people and so many people dying and me not being able to do anything about it made me feel completely useless. Crime, is always stupid. Take for example, George Floyd. He being murdered was stupid as fuck. Those men could have detained him in so many different ways, them forcing him to the ground and then putting a knee in his neck and listening to him beg for air and doing nothing to help him was unforgivable, and it was simply murder. I did some protesting of my own during then, and I would gladly do it again right now. The rioting and the destruction going on across the country, I felt was justified and necessary. I mean when you have an entire history of a country built on theft and racism, and you have an entire race of human beings trying to tell you how they feel, and trying to be heard over and over and they’re never listened too, you have To understand that their patience has grown thin and if I were in their position I’d be pissed the fuck off too. I’d riot too. It’s ridiculous how alive and well racism is in this fucked up country. “Justice and liberty for all” is such bullshit, this country justice system is built on protecting white men and not the people that actually need protecting. So, fuck America. For relationships I feel like there’s so much toxicity involved in relationships. People lie, cheat, and still from people they’re supposed to love all the time. And that goes for any kind of relationship. You can’t have a real, healthy relationship without trust and active communication. You have to patience and empathy, and you have to actually give a fuck. People blame and point fingers at the people who fucked them over but they fail to realize that the pain they’re feeling follows them and they unintentionally take it out on the new people they meet that are actually worth a damn. Nobody is innocent or perfect that’s for damn sure. Nobody really wants to own up to their shit, and that’s what causes so many problems in relationships. Parents fuck up their kids in the early years and then when they’re sent into the real world you have all these fucked up kids playing adult and fucking each other up even more bc no one ever taught them differently. Yk?


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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