Thoughts on the world

Hannah Yohe: People who support your journey even if they would never do the same are people who truly care about you.

I think with everything going on it shows who you can trust and who you can’t. It brings the worst and the best out in people. I know so many people have their own views and opinions. So the people who see the world differently than you and still love you are the people you can count on. People who support your journey even if they would never do the same are people who truly care about you. I’ve noticed so many people have parted ways and so many people have gotten closer than ever before. We live in a very scary and broken world, but there are some truly amazing people out there that make the stars shine brighter and the colors of this earth more vibrant. Before all of this it was rlly hard to see who I could trust and who I couldn’t. But now it’s so clear. Even tho people wear physical masks in public it seems to be almost impossible to wear their metaphorical ones. They have become more transparent on their inner motives I’ve noticed the people who just love people despite their views are the people who are the most beautiful on the inside. People who go ist political views to love someone. Because when it comes down to everything, people just want to be loved. And those who do not love well probably haven’t been loved well. So now that the world seems to be falling apart, everyone has reacted with a a fight, flight, or love. It’s actually heart breaking to me to see people hate on someone else. Because they probably hate their lives. They probably think it’s the end of the world. And maybe it is. But that’s no excuse to make others feel like it. It’s cowardly. But I get it as well. People who are like that are terrified. Fear has overcome their lives. Because of you think abt it, fear is the root of all negative emotions. Anger, sadness, jealousy, resentment. Where there is those emotions there is fear. But the root of all positive emotions is love. Mercy, happiness, forgiveness, joy. Where there is those emotions there is love. So I’ve noticed there are two types people in this world who stand out. Those who fear, and those who love. We live in a scary world, so it’s okay to be afraid. But to let it trump your life and your emotions is probably an exhausting and sad way to live. So I feel bad for the people no one can trust any more. And I thank God for giving this world people who can love unconditionally with no exceptions like him. This pandemic has really shown me who those two types of people are. I do feel very strongly abt it. I do want people to know that there is love and beauty. I’m so many people experience such hate in their lives because the people in their lives feel a sense of power when they can make others feel worthless. Like middle school bullies. Ya know? I want people to see that they are loved and can be loved. And I want the people who hurt others to see how polluting it is. I want those people to see that their lives can also be happier if they didn’t let fear overcome their life. Cuz they too are valuable. They don’t need to make others feel less than in order to feel greater. There is more power in raising someone up. There is greater satisfaction in knowing you caused someone to smile in a world full of sorrow. And not only will they feel better abt life but when something sad happens they will have people who will help and support them, instead of being alone.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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