Thoughts on the world

Lukez: We have to save man kind people don’t understand this is just the start of dooms day .

Covid is a gulity plea for the goverment they lossed control of the public now they created a world wide virus that is just the flue that is not that serious the media and the goverment are broadcasting to make people scared which they have done and forcing people to have vacines and controlling them like a sheep Do not be fooled god gave us free will its all lies fight back or you will be subjected to a system they will expirement on you this is what they are doing for a bigger cause they want to poor to die rich to live its bigger than any of us normal people we need to take them down This is serious your kids your wife your bf whatever !!! Think about not just you your future kids or family or friends anyone you meet . We have to save man kind people don’t understand this is just the start of dooms day . God is coming this is it he will punish us we have to fight against all evil do not be subjected to satun god will forgive but he will strike amd save us but we have to fight this evil . This is no joke if you understand anything do not be fooled please Im sorry to go on and on but you have to belive this is control we are slaves its not just black white watever people are its everyone that they are tryong to make as slaves do not be fooled we already are slaves we work we pay rent we are subjected to a life of routine because goverment told us way to live no its not you dont have to hsve fancy stuff or anythinf you just got to have a good heart whatever you do in this life you take nothing with you accept your self do what u want freedom enjoy life god gave you it its a gift i know you might of lossed friends and family to this if you have i mean no harm Blame the goverment for any losses if they are actually due to covid because do we actually know or are we being told . Cases goes up fuck off do they they make it up . They are winning the war we are fools well not anymore we must stand together and fight


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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