Thoughts on the world

Melly: Crime is at a all time high right now because of COVID.

To put it in simplest way, everything and everyone is going downhill. People believe that wearing a mask is gonna stop you from getting,when in reality it sticks to your clothes and the bottom of your shoes so if you run into it outside you’re bringing it into your house yea it might prevent you from catching right then and there but at the end of the day you still risk catching it once you get home cause now it’s floating around in your house from your dirty clothes. Crime is at a all time high right now because of COVID,you have many people still out of jobs and thanks to COVID it made it 10x harder to get/keep a job for most people,and people who was counting on unemployment no longer have money coming in because the government is no longer giving out the extra 600 a week due to COVID begin “gone” because they got a vaccine (which I don’t trust cause how you make a vaccine faster then a cure to cancer or aids,it makes no sense at all) so it’s either be broke and lose everything Or go out and find a way to make some money. Relationships😂,those don’t even exist anymore,every girl is busy having a hot girl summer and every nigga is busy being fuck boys..You want my thoughts on this I’ll give them to you..In my eyes my generation has ruined everything you would look forward to in life,everyone’s in competition with each other tryna out do the next that if you don’t have anything to compete with or have a way of catching up they leave you behind in the dirt and say fuck you. No one is willing to help anyone out anymore,no one is willing to teach you how to make money in this world,but as soon as you find a way and end of doing better than them,now you changed or now your acting funny when you don’t help them is a cycle don’t won’t be broken cause no one cares about changing the world they just care about being better and bigger than the next person and that’s my thoughts on the world..I can go on forever😂😂


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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