Thoughts on the world

Brian: I think this era is kind of a blessing and a curse for people around the world.

Personally i think this era is kind of a blessing and a curse for people around the world. On one hand its brought out some of the best in people, forcing us to use our creativity and innovation in a pndemic era. On the other hand, time at home seems to given a lot of people the excuse to focus on things that don’t matter. At least from what I have seen in the US, most people have invested their extra time in social media and have become overly involved in other people lives, people they don’t even know. In no way do I think social media is a bad thing, in fact i think it’s quite the opposite as I am someone who uses instagram to promote my creative work as a videographer. It does become a problem when it is the only thing that matters to you and it is providing you no income or opportunity to be a productive member of society. People spend hours scrolling through tik tok starting arguments and worrying about what their favorite creator is eating this morning instead of bettering themselves or picking up a new hobby. I think that if everyone in the world focused on their selves and becoming a well rounded person then a lot of the social problems we r having today would be solved that being said, this is just my opinion and take this with a grain of salt because there are certainly some days that i spend laying in bed on tik tok all day.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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