Thoughts on the world

Terrain: I always knew the world was cold I just didn’t think it’ll get this colder.

As far as Covid wise I have no words, I wish like I coulda pulled a lil basic “oh yea I definitely seen this comin.” You know something real generic like that but truth is I can’t say nothing like that. Nothin at all; this was random not even expected at least in my eyes. I wasn’t even prepared for no Covid nor the effects that was gone come with it, It literally was somethin I wasn’t prepared for at all. All the crime, especially here in Miami it’s nothing new to me I won’t lie. I honestly expected this, I always knew the world was cold I just didn’t think it’ll get this colder. But it’s expected from me especially with social media and this new generation glorifying the violence instead of speaking against it. It’s something that’s really should’ve been expected, it’s a sad situation but it’s a sad truth. Relationships? That’s a funny one. I’ve never been too good with those i literally have a “love/hate relationship” with relationships lol. They’re good though, well the right ones are good, these toxic ones and what’s not aren’t good at all. I don’t do toxic I keep everything negative and inconsistent away from me. But if you feel you got the right person and they reciprocate that energy I have faith in relationships. But I have yet to get a reason for me to personally get into one, I don’t really do relationships. I just sit back and stay to myself.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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