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Mackenzie Gray: why is everyone just hooking up and not seeing anything more.

With covid i think it’s whatever like everyone will get vaccinated n we’ll overtime build immunity n it will just be like a cold, it just was blown way out of proportion crime it depends on the crime but there’s always gonna be rebels and you can’t have rules without people breaking them it just wouldn’t be rules that way, people will always break the law it’s just how we re enforce it and how the government handles the crime is what needs to change because it’s clearly not working relationships is a whole new topic as social media and who we are today is drastically different then let’s say even someone raised in the 70s it’s just so scary how things are growing so fast with the technology and how kids are being brought up with it. end of the day it comes down to morals and self respect which is something a lot of us are lacking these days. why? i’ve asked myself this so much and why is everyone just hooking up and not seeing anything more it’s honestly because of how lust filled we are and how socially excepted it has become. we loss class overtime and thank god i was raised by my grandparents or i wouldn’t be the person i am today without them as i felt i’ve been brought up a lot differently then kids my own age.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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