Thoughts on the world

Sondos: I personally think we need to work on justice and equality before anything else

Our generation is so dumb like we have sm technology that can help us but all we do is be greedy and ruin the environment. covid was a serious issue that many people took as a joke. even people who influence many (ex: Donald trump) made jokes about it although it was taking the lives of many. justice is unfair. if you’re white you’re right. that’s how its been and its absolutely unfair. idrk much abt relationships, but it’s pretty expensive to settle down, get married and start a family which encourages many. i personally think we need to work on justice and equality before anything else. oh, and global warming. oh juat remembered something. pornography. most teens and even children are on ph watching things totally not suitable for their age. its influencing a lot of young girls to basically… sell their bodies to random strangers online. guys are also getting this image that every girl has perfect, round, full breasts and thats not the truth. most ppl on the hub have done plastic surgeries to fit the standards. They also have the wrong idea of uh sex. not it’ll shock them that it’s totally different from what they’ve seen on these disgusting website.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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