Thoughts on the world

Bryce Murrell: Give more money out so the world will not b broke

well I think bs we all as ppl needa come together as a whole most of all the black ppl so we can SHOW WHAT BLM REALLY MEAN instead of just saying it and praying shit stop and the crime needa b straightening out like for a example with the top thug rappers n the world even if they got a felony we needa let them carry a fire arm bc there life is always in danger 24/7 so they needa make sure there life is in check and bit having to worry ab going to jail just bc they are trynna defend there self and the covid mane ik they got a cure for that like they out here making dumb stuff with all that money all these rich as hell ppl n the world that got so much money they just save up as old as they are spending there money on dumb stuff what they needa b doing is help pay for homeless bc and kids that are starving and need help they needa pay more and give more money out so the world will not b broke and I believe that will help the world get a step further to becoming a lil peaceful buh we still need work to do.


Jeremy Manning
-Owner Of Palomade

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