Thoughts on the world

Hadi Hype: Many people think that this is the worst moment of history.

its not a happy world we live in. Many people think that this is the worst moment of history, however, this might be just as bad as the other moments, Same issues different scenarios. Humans will never be happy as long as humanity exist. Happiness is not tangible and its never long lasting. We aim for happiness because its not something we can have always The increase in crime, pollution and failed relationships has to do with the fact that we are just sad miserable humans A single human can’t change that, so nobody does anything about it We as a whole have a mindset that “everyone throws garbage on the floor, why shouldn’t I?” “Nobody is fighting corruption, how come by myself will be able to solve this issue” Covid vaccine was found in a jiff Just because a huge group of humans demanded it and needed it What if a huge group of humans demand a change in pollution? After what happened in europe, there might be a change..but is it too late?