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Tania: We have a lot of work to do on ourselves before we should get into a relationship.

People who commit crimes I believe majority of them are hurt and emotional and suffer from a lot of trauma. Hence why we have teens and young adults committing crimes at such a young age. I’m from Philly so I see this very often and it’s sad but I believe that we need more mental health centers for our youth especially in the black community. I think that would help us even the slightest bit The pandemic is very historical. The whole entire world shut down for like a year so that we can contain a virus that are killing thousands of people everyday. I believe that the shut down was needed for the world especially the U.S. it helped many people form business and create ideas, take time to analyze their mental health, value friends and family etc. as tragic as the deaths were I definitely believe that the pandemic was needed for us to reset and grow. Granted we still have a lot of work to do but that was a start I can go on about this for days. Dating in this day and age is incredibly difficult. You got hurt people out here hurting people and it creates an endless cycle. I’m gen z so most of our parents were born in the 60s-70s (at least the older ones) most of us came from single parent households or had to bounce from mom and dads house. So a lot of those who grew up without fathers and mothers definitely lack a different areas and they were never taught how to clean it up. Everyone is so obsessed with “relationship goals” and flexing for the internet nobody’s really checking to see if they’re actually happy. Social media makes it hard for relationships, “toxic” is a trend, cheating is normal, etc. we have a lot of work to do on ourselves before we should get into a relationship or that cycle is just going to keep on repeating itself