Thoughts on the world


My thoughts- GOD IS BEING TAKEN OUT OF THIS WORLD. We have had the opportunity to take this time to read our bibles. Because of Covid we have had to isolate ourselves. We have had the chance to get closer to God. The world is getting worse and worse. God will come on the worst day. Nobody is gonna be ready except the ones who have accepted him. This world is not ready for Jesus and his coming. The world today has twisted the word of God to adjust to their own life so that “yeah it’s okay I can do that” they make it to where it’s okay when that’s not what was said. Relationships are being torn apart because God is supposed to be first and then your partner. It’s all about God and where you put him. The world has put him down. The world mocks him. The world will soon see that he is alive and breathing. God is the foundation and without foundation there is nothing. I don’t see how the world still had hope without having Jesus? No wonder the world is falling apart. It’s because they have nobody to rely on when they fall back. Life was not meant to be just you fighting. It’s supposed to be the world and God.