Thoughts on the world

Today in this world evil rises in some humans

Today in this world evil rises in some humans no more than some which is cause for destruction.I dont know but i think only some good people who is good from heart is existing in this world.I DONT KNOW BUT NOBODY REFERRED ABOUT WAR.JUST WHAT IS WAR CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE HOW CRUEL IT IS?Can someone answer me why war is there?I know now somebody will tell me something but i think its a cruel way to kill some people to make them surrender them for some land.ONLY FOR SOME LAND.Evil tortures,rapes,kills in the issues of political issues.Have you ever thought about all these which is uprising in this world.Have you ever thought about 1 life being screwed up?Have you ever thought about their family?In this world,nobody thinks to stop this but to support it.I have watched some videos over internet fron all over the world.Everybody knows to take videos about killing someone, hitting or hurting some.