The Mind Of People

Sometimes we forget that we all live together in this world, so opening our minds to one another is one way we can truly come together as people.


People’s thoughts on the world

The world is messed up because of civil unrest and political division.

Erin. P

I hope that everything returns to normal, I hope to get rid of this virus, but still if this pandemic took place, I hope we all realized that we need to appreciate more every little detail around us and every person in our lives and I hope to we are better people


My thoughts on the world is “color is not a race to see someone for who they are not what they look like love each other unconditionally and come together as one”

Cedrick Cooks

All I can say is I try to focus on the good in people (actions, words, caring, sharing, helping) & not on the bad (covidiots, killings, selfishness, cold-hearted). I pray that God helps us all through the pandemic, the senseless killings, & stop hatred.☮️💕🙏


COVID-19 & police killing people everyday babies dying from the worst sickness cancer it’s just heartbreaking and sad that there is no Justice for anyone mental Health I suffer bad with it but the amount of people that have killed them self because we had to isolate which is very important because we all need to play are part they should have still got their therapy etc the world closed down and so did they x


I think there is a lot that needs to be fixed. POC, the LGBTQ+ community, women etc all face things they should not be facing, we need better representation in media and in politics and if people want to see a change we have to do as much as we can in order to see those changes.


My thoughts on the world today are that we are going through so much things so many problems from covid to people being mistreated cause of there race their ethnicity there religious beliefs but i feel that a lot of the things that are going on today are bringing people together and it won’t completely fix the world but it will definitely help and play a part. i just see all the past mistakes the world has made in the past and how we got past it and we will all rise together and make it an even better place to be.


There is a ton of hatred in the world right now. Its terrible to see innocent people die and people abuse their power. The world is super unstable and dangerous and anything can happen at any minute.


Our structural system and both has human collectively and individual persons is been questioned and we are reacting to it differently with sparks of new ideology and reasoning


I think there are some things that should change, but many others have improved a lot, so if we work a little harder and are more respectful it would be great